One night in Hiroshima after a gig, mandolin picker Hiroki Maeta and fiddle player Pete Denahy discussed recording a CD. They decided to call on some friends and a band was formed for a recording project. Aron McLean on upright bass lives in Beechworth, Victoria and Pete is not far away in Yackandandah. Banjo picker, Montz Matsumoto, originally from near Kyoto lives in Cygnet, Tasmania and Hiroki lives in Mihara, Hiroshima Prefecture. That leaves flatpick guitarist Tomoyuki Murata, who is originally from Hokkaido but now lives in Shizuoka, between Kyoto and Tokyo.

Songs were written and recording began in the homes of the players. Sound files were emailed to and fro between Australia and Japan. The name for the band is “Wide Island” because of the Hiroshima connection. The idea was hatched in that city and Pete’s mother is from Hiroshima. “Wide Island” is a literal translation of “Hiro” - wide and “shima” - island.

Wide Island - Going Home